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Amazing Product Quality

Sea Lion CBD has kept product quality at the forefront of every decision. We know that a product that stands out above the rest sells itself. By manufacturing nothing but the best quality, we have proven time and again that our process does the leg work for your brand. We were ranked number one gummy manufacturer in the US!

Consistent Lab Results

We studied the science of how chromatography and other testing techniques work so that we could bring you the best and most consistent products on the market. Our clients have way too much to lose and we keep your products consistent so that your sales stay constant.

Top Shelf Turn Times

Customers are quick to find a new place to buy their goods and we know that, that's why we have designed some of the fastest turn times in the industry. Getting product to you, so you can keep your clientele happy is always of the utmost importance. Never wait six to eight weeks with us!

Bang For Your Buck

Our prices are sometimes three times lower than our competitors. Sea Lion CBD is always willing to trade margin for scale; if you have a large order-flow we can meet your pricing and up your quality. By having control of our materials from the first step, we are able to work with you to get you the pricing you need. No brokers or middle men stealing from your margins
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